Inherited traits
Genetic Activity
Body System Sites

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Colony Research
Life in the Colonies
This book focuses on life in the New England, Middle and Southern colonies

Facts about each colonyInformation on each colony
Thirteen American Colonies from the New Book of KnowledgeInformation from Grolier
Colonial FamiliesThis book explains family life in the New England, Middle and Southern colonies. Focus is on work, school, play, eating, religious and family life of slaves.

Revolutionary War
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Declaratory Act
Tea Act
Boston Port Act
Intolerable Acts
Intolerable Act

Intolerable Act2

Interactive Math Manipulative Website

Websites for clipart

Website for music

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Biome Video - short video that explains the six major biomes. The is a short quiz at the end to test your knowledge.
Windows to the Universe - Very informative site that explains biomes and ecosystems, includes pictures and maps. There is also a Spanish version.
Water Life - Very cool game that teaches about estuaries and how to protect them.
Food Chains and Webs - great site that explain food chains and webs, consumers, producers, and decomposers.
EcoKids - games and activities to learn and practice ecology

Cloud Formation - a tutorial about cloud types and how they are formed.
Cloud Types - pictures and explanations of different kinds of clouds.
Evaporation - a tutorial about evaporation and the conditions that effect evaporation.
Water Cycle orWater Cycle Too orMore Water Cycle - animations that explains elements of the water cycle.
Weather Watch - observe, gather data, investigate, and analyze weather information
Earth Visualizations - many animations of many science topics such as weather and erosion.
Weather Practice - Ed the Robot will quiz you on weather and show you demonstrations

Forces and Motion/Simple Machines
Newton's Laws of Motion - The "Mumble Man" explains Newton's laws using an apple and a worm as examples.
Newton's Laws - another site that explains Newton's laws. It also includes Newton's biography.
Simple Machine Practice - Ed will quiz you on simple machines found in everyday life.

Sports/Game Research

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Safety Survey

Animation Fun

Google Earth

How to add a folder and placemarks
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Topographical Maps

Read about topgraphical maps

Interactive topographical map

View topographical maps

National Geographic Maps