Melvil Dewey

Melvil Dewey has been described as "the most resourceful librarian in the world" - the New York Sun
and as a "nauseating slobberer" - H. W. Rosenbaum
Use three different credible resources and decide as a group which description you think fits him best. Record important information about Melvil Dewey. Also record information about Melvil Dewey that you find interesting and would like to learn more about. Use this information as proof of your group's decision. Do not forget to cite your sources.
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About Melvil Dewey

Esperanza Rising

Your teacher will put you in groups of three. Everyone will need to contribute to the group. With the help of your group you are going to create a timeline for the important events that you have studied. Everyone will create their own timeline. The timeline will need to include important events in the book Esperanza Rising. You are going to make a timeline of Esperanza's life. You will need to choose the events to include. These events will be included in your documentary. Do not worry about putting in the dates. Today you will only put in the headline and the text in the order in which they happened. In the headline column, you will write the name of the event. In the text column, you will explain what happened in the event. I have completed the first one for you. Refer to the text in the book. Make sure you include the important events that should be highlighted when telling others about Esperanza's life.
Directions to accessing the template:
Click on the Timeline Template link. Make a copy of the document and name it "your name Esperanza Rising Timeline" Mine will be named Mrs. Sittig Esperanza Rising Timeline. Make sure you make the copy. Do not type directly on the template. The copy will then go in your google drive. Once you have made the copy and renamed it, you may begin typing your events and explaining them.

Timeline Template
Publish Timeline
RL. 3, RL.1
Read your assigned article. Compare to characters wanting to strike and protest in Esperanze Rising
Cesar Chavez Testifies on the Health Effects of Pesticides Among Migrant Farm Workers
Ema Tenayuca
Triangle Factory Fire
Make a copy of this Comparison Chart


Group 1 Padlet
Group 2 Padlet
Group 3 Padlet
Group 4 Padlet

Esperanza Rising

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