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President Database
Facts about all presidents from NC WiseOwl

Guide to US Presidents
Basic Information about the US Presidents with an interesting fact. Also provided is a link back to the White House with more information about each president.

Presidents for Kids
links provided by A variety of websites about the presidents and the government.

White House Presidents
Information about each president and information about what american life was like at that particular time period.

Charlotte's Web

Monday 3/30
Make sure you complete your character trait webs. Don't forget to use text evidence from the book to support your reason for assigning that character trait to the character. Once you have finished that, you should partner read the next two chapters. You should begin with chapter XII. A Meeting and read until the end of XIII. Good Progress. Along with your partner, illustrate each chapter after reading it. Make sure your illustration conveys the setting and mood. Mood is the feeling or emotions you have when you read. Watch this video.
CCS RL. 3, CCS RL. 1

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Solar System Sites

Pluto Article


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Trading Cards

Mystery Cube



Plant Functions Chart

Favorite Book Chart

Use this to create your graph.

Skeleton Webquest

Venn Diagram


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